“Bringing expert medical care to your family when and where you need it.”

As a paediatric nurse practitioner & women’s health specialist, I provide comprehensive private services including:

  • Routine physical & developmental assessment with parental supports & education
  • Evaluation of common issues including sleep problems, constipation, & infections
  • Behavioural & mental health assessment & treatment for disorders such as ADHD, anxiety, & depression
  • Supports & specialized care for LGBTQ2S clients & families
  • Prescriptions for children, teens, & young adults
  • Travel health counselling & preventative immunization
  • Laboratory & diagnostic testing such as blood testing, X-rays & ultrasound
  • Sexual health including STI testing & treatment, contraceptive counselling & female health screening
  • Urgent care for acute injury or illness
  • Referrals to specialists & collaborative care with family, schools, & multidisciplinary providers
  • Procedures such as Pap testing, IUD insertion, skin lesion treatment for warts or moles, injections, ingrown nail treatment, inner ear flushing, sutures & much more

Available in the comfort of your HOME, in CLINIC, or ONLINE using your phone or computer!

Infants & Children

During these first important years, frequent monitoring of growth & development is important to ensure your child remains on the best path for health & wellness.  I use evidence-based health supervision guidelines & provide evaluation in areas of communication, gross & fine motor, problem-solving, & personal/social development. When specific questions arise regarding behaviour, sleep, nutrition, illness, or other issues, parents are provided guidance & education to ensure they are well-informed to make decisions for caring for their child.  Waking with a fever or other acute illness?  I can bring the clinic to you & provide comprehensive evaluation in the comfort of home!


As children enter their teenage years, they go through big changes; physical, emotional, & social. Friends become more important & they may want more privacy. Parents wonder how to navigate these years & teens have questions about topics from sleep to acne to sex, how to deal with anxiety, depression, or stress. I provide confidential, safe services for teens to become more independent in making informed decisions for health, working alongside their families & schools to ensure their success. Specific services include well & acute care during illness, contraceptive counselling, sports physicals, IUD insertion, mental health assessment & treatment, and LGBTQS2 supports. Consults can be arranged for in clinic, at home, or other safe, comfortable locations as needed.

Women & Adult Health

Women have unique & changing health needs throughout their lifetime. From prenatal or postnatal care, screening for cervical, breast, or colorectal cancers at recommended intervals, mental health supports, and contraceptive counselling, I provide services that are unique to the individual. Behavioural disorders like ADHD don’t just stop when becoming adults; I provide assessment & evaluation for adults with referrals for medical therapies as needed. Whether you are a new Mom, it’s time for your yearly physical, or support for mental wellness, I can provide services to help meet your need.

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